Workbench Oil Storage Tanks / Heater Stands

The Workbench/Tank Stand is space-saving and multi-funcitonal. The primered or powdercoated tank is available in three sizes and while it stores your oil, it also provides a work surface for your space. It is available double or single wall. 3/8” I.D. soft copper lines, fittings and caps are included with all models. Mount the Econo Heater or OMNI Waste Oil Heater on your on your oil storage workbench-heater stand, available in 100, 250, 350, and 500 gallons (sold separately or bundled with the heater and chimney kit) . OWH-500 must be mounted over 350 or 500 gallon workbench-heater stand.

T-100 100 Gallon Tank/Stand
Length 47 in
Height 34 in.
Width 26 in.
Weight 225 lbs.
T-350 350 Gallon Tank/Stand

Length 66.5” w/ pump mounted, 59.5” w/out
Height 38”
Width 47.5”
Weight 800 lbs.

T-250 250 Gallon Tank/Stand
Length 55.5” w/ pump mounted, 48.5” w/out
Height 36”
Width 43.5”
Weight 525 lbs.
T-500 500 Gallon Tank/Stand
Length 91.5” w/ pump mounted, 84.5” w/out
Height 38”
Width 47.5”
Weight 1100 lbs.


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