Heater Advantages

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OMNI waste oil heaters do not require constant cleaning and adjustments.

With an OMNI, you can eliminate your normal costs of heating, avoid the liabilities of handling, storage, and also eliminate hauling costs. On top of all of these benefits, you can generate a full return on your investment generally within the first 18 months.

OMNI burns fuels from kerosene to 90W gear oil (including synthetics). OMNI’s hands-off system combines our patented oil preheat and oil flow control to burn a wider range of fuel than other waste oil burners, with no adjustments.
Highest quality heaters/boilers/air conditioners on the market. OMNI’s advanced design, high level of quality and craftsmanship combine to make OMNI the premier unit in the industry today.
State of the art, solid state Oil Preheat System. OMNI’s patented system provides consistent oil temperature and viscosity to the burner. Solid state controls allow only a 3° variance in oil temperature. This maintains oil viscosity and results in the most thorough, clean and consistent burn available. Other manufacturers’ mechanical preheat systems allow large temperature variances which cause varied fuel viscosity and inconsistent flame in combustion chamber, resulting in uneven heat and quicker failure of chamber.
Preheater heats both oil and air at the same time for optimum atomization (spray) and completeness of burn.
Electronic oil shut off valve eliminates nozzle drip – won’t allow stalagmite of sludge at the bottom of the chamber.
Patented Oil Preheat System ELIMINATES the need for routine disassembly of your burner to scrape out carbon build up in the oil heat block. OMNI’s patented oil preheater uses advanced technology to eliminate the need for cleaning. Our superior design will not carbon. OMNI is the only manufacturer that can say this!
Built-in air compressor. OMNI includes a built-in vane oil-less compressor as standard equipment. Our compressor requires no maintenance and allows the unit to be operated 24 hours/day without an external air supply. You eliminate the risk of destroying a shop air compressor if an air line were to rupture.
Long burn path provides high efficiency and eliminates the need for a target wall. OMNI waste oil burners are up to 90% efficient. Our long combustion chamber burn path and oil flow control capabilities eliminate the need for a target wall. With others, target walls are subject to direct exposure to flame and extreme temperature changes which destroy the target and require them to be replaced frequently.
Stainless steel heat exchanger is standard. OMNI waste oil furnaces feature high grade stainless steel heat exchangers. Stainless steel is the longest lasting, most durable material available for high temperature applications. Other manufacturers use lower cost materials and try to compensate with thicker walls of inferior steel.
Patented Oil Flow System controls fuel by volume. OMNI’s patented flow control system regulates fuel by volume. Conventional waste oil burners use a preset pump and control fuel delivery with a fuel pressure regulator. This conventional system creates variables to fuel flow and cause over and under firing.
Heaters and Boilers are both backed by the industries longest most comprehensive 15 year combustion chamber limited warranty. First 10 yrs.- non prorated, remaining 5 yrs.- prorated. (Industry’s Only) The longer our Omni combustion chambers perform without failure… the longer warranty Econoheat will continue to offer its customers.
Swing out burner. Allows easy access for cleaning of burner nozzle and end cone if needed. Combustion chamber annual clean out is easy. OMNI provides complete access to inside of combustion chamber and heat exchangers with the largest openings in the industry.
Full access clean out panel. OMNI provides complete access to the inside of heat exchanger and combustion chamber through our full length clean out panel. Other manufacturers provide only limited access or require clean out of exchangers that are too small to thoroughly reach.