Waste Oil Equipment

Waste Oil Heaters

Patented Flame Control System
Long Combustion Chamber
Industry’s Only Non-Carboning Pre Heater
On-Board Air Compressor
Oil Flow Control Supply Pump
High Volume Fans

Waste Oil Boilers

Stacking Boiler Option
Burns Clean at 84% Effeciency
Available Sizes From 26 to 119 Gallons
Easy Maintenance Access
OMNI 3-Pass Design

Waste Oil Chillers & Air Conditioning

Efficient Amonia Absorption
Dual-Purpose Manifolds
Self-Diagnosing Processing Circuit Board
Easy Installation
High Grade Stainless Steel
Horizontal Or Vertical Mount

Workbench Oil Storage Tanks / Heater Stands

The Workbench/Tank Stand is space-saving and multi-funcitonal. The 11 gauge primered or powdercoated tank is available in three sizes and while it stores your oil, it also provides a work surface for your space.

Econo Heater Turn-Key Packages

The Econo Heater has a pressure burner system that requires absolutely no air and has an on-board fuel pump completely self contained.

Portable Waste Oil Heaters

For Use Outdoors And Indoors
Smokeless Burning
Heat Penetrates Evenly
Dust Free Designs
Quick And Easy Setup

Waste Oil Equipment Parts

Waste Oil Heater Parts
Waste Oil Pre-heater Parts
Waste Oil Burner Parts
Pump Parts

Chimney Kits

Available in 6″ & 8

#1 Waste Oil Equipment Manufacturer in the United States

EconoHeat, Inc. became the leader in waste oil equipment in 1983, and our dedication to excellence in our products and our business has never been stronger. Our line of OMNI products is diverse and reliable enough to meet the needs of any business with waste oil to burn!In addition to our famous waste oil heaters, EconoHeat also offers the best available waste oil boilers, waste oil air chillers, and our patented portable waste oil heater. Browse our selection of waste oil equipment and find the perfect use for all your waste oil!

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