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Spalding Auto Parts

“Home of Quality Used and New Parts for 75 Years”

Spalding auto wrecking has utilized recycling of waste oils collected from dismantling for over 25 yrs. From the beginning Omni and numerous other waste oil heaters were used by them. They recently decided to replace the other heaters going exclusively with Omni… for reasons cited by them in the following attached video.

Located on 50 acres in the City of Spokane Valley, Spalding Auto Parts dismantles approximately 3,500 vehicles annually. “Salvagers” will reclaim about 80% of the materials of a car or truck and, along with the fluids, are recycled.Spalding Auto Parts has years of experience in providing quality parts and friendly service. Founded in 1934 by Dolph Spalding, the company has grown along with the community and currently provides employment for 190 people. Although much has changed since 1934, the Spalding enthusiasm for providing excellent service is still strong.Visit http://spaldings.com/ for more about Spalding Auto Parts, Spokane WA.

Valley Transmission

Mike Holden has been in business for over 40 years at Valley Transmission in Spokane, WA. He originally purchased his Omni OWH-250 waste oil heater in 1989. In 24 years of use the only major replacement was a fan and it is still currently in operation. Mike said he has saved thousands of dollars by burning the used oil he generates on site in his Omni waste oil furnace. This eliminates all heating costs for his shop in the winter. He highly recommends the Omni brand to anyone producing waste oil. The following video showcases his positive experience with Omni waste oil heaters.

Mike Holden
Valley Transmission
8708 E Sprague Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99212

Theo’s Automotive

With this letter I would like to thank you for the great product your company produces. A month ago I received and installed the new waste oil heater (OWH-350) I purchased from your company. I own a 5000 s/ft, 10 bay auto repair shop in Peachtree City, GA and I must say it is a pleasure now to work in a warm environment. Lately is has been quite cold and your heater is working flawlessly, is quiet yet powerful, it was easy to install and works perfectly. I am happy for this investment I made and I am sure it won’t be long before I get it back.

Please feel free to use me as a referral in this area I will be happy to talk to anyone of your prospective customers.

Thank you,
Theo Kazadzis
Theo’s Automotive

B & S Tire & Auto

Joey from Winona, MS is the service manager of B&S Tire who purchased an Omni OWH-350 waste oil furnace from EconoHeat 5 years ago and are extremely impressed. He told us “It’s the best investment I have ever made.” Joey also mentioned they would definitely buy another and have saved thousands in heating costs since investing in a waste oil heater. Thank you for choosing the Omni brand. Your business, feedback & willingness to be a reference are tremendously appreciated.

B & S Tire & Auto
117 N Applegate St
Winona, MS 38967

Carl’s Automotive

Sandy & Carl Weber of Elizabeth, PA are the owners of Carl’s Automotive. Back in late 1998 they bought an Omni OWH-150 waste oil heater & 250 gallon workbench tank stand from EconoHeat. They have now had it running for the last 15 years and are absolutely in love with it. They have never once had an issue with it and said they would highly recommend it to anyone pursuing burning used oil for free heat. Thanks again for selecting the Omni brand & providing valuable input.

Sandy & Carl
Carl’s Automotive
9525 Elizabethtown Rd.
Elizabeth, PA 17022

CSC Construction

Chuck is the present owner of CSC Construction in Pittsburgh, PA. His Omni OWB-15 used oil boiler was purchased 12 years ago and is still in operation today. He said “The maintenance is minimal and Omni is hands down the best waste oil burner on the market.” Chuck tells everyone he knows to buy Omni waste oil fired machinery. Your support & confidence in our products is immensely appreciated.

CSC Construction
133 Joseph St
Pittsburgh, PA 15227

Herdas Trucking

Mark Herda of Herdas Trucking in Mentor, OH has had an OMNI OWH-500 & OWH-250 for the last 8 years. He said “They perform flawlessly and OMNI is the only brand he would ever buy.” His OMNI waste oil furnaces heat the entire shop incredibly well and put out a tornado of hot air. Thanks for your support in EconoHeat & the OMNI brand of waste oil fired machinery.

Mark Herda
Herdas Trucking
7214 Industrial Park Blvd
Mentor, OH 44060

Don’s Service Center

Don is the owner of Don’s Service Center in Philadelphia, PA. He currently owns 2 OMNI OWH-150’s. One of them has been in operation for over 15 years now. Don said “OMNI is hands down the best waste oil burner on the market.” Don used to have the cheapest waste oil burner brand that required constant maintenance and parts replacements. His experience with OMNI has been the complete opposite. OMNI is the only waste oil burner he would every buy. Thanks for your support in our products & continued loyalty.

Don Dunning
Don’s Service Center
6501 Rising Sun Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111

Oak Ridge Collision Center

Joe Chapman in Newfoundland, NJ has been running his OMNI OWH-150 for over 11 years now. He told me “I absolutely love it and have had no major issues since it’s been in operation.” Joe also mentioned the amount of heat his OMNI puts out is incredible. Your choice in the OMNI brand of waste oil heaters is sincerely appreciated.

Joe Chapman
Oak Ridge Collision Center
70 Oak Ridge Road
Newfoundland, NJ 07435

L&S Auto Sales

Mike Lentz is the present owner of L&S Auto Sales in New London, WI. His OMNI OWH-150 waste oil heater has been in their shop since 2001. Mike said “It’s one of the best investments we have ever made for our company.” They are immensely satisfied and recommend our equipment to anyone that generates used oil. Thanks for your business, feedback & continued support in the OMNI brand.

Mike Lentz
L&S Auto Sales
N7662 Us Highway 45
New London, WI 54961

Barnes Auto Barn

Roland Barnes purchased an OMNI OWH-350 waste oil furnace from us in 2006. Only parts he has replaced in 8 years is a set of electrodes & a nozzle. He told me, “I love this furnace. It’s a 10 out of 10!” Thanks again for choosing OMNI.

Roland Barnes
Barnes Auto Barn
13585 Jefferson Blvd
Mishawaka, IN 46545

Crown Metal

Brent is the owner of Crown Metal in Fort Lupton, CO. He purchased an OMNI OWH-250 waste oil heater from us in 2003. The furnace is still in operation and purring like a kitten. Brent told me “OMNI is the king of waste oil burners. I tell everyone around me to purchase your product as it’s tried and true!” Thanks for your full support & choice in our brand.

Crown Metal
1100 Denver Ave.
Fort Lupton, CO 80621

Bill White’s C.A.R. Hospital Inc.

I purchased one of your burners for a stove I already had. Received it about a month ago. It works flawlessly! I had a Cleanburn for 12 years. Worked pretty well, but very high maintenance. Always cleaning something or re-priming after a few warm days and the oil drained back. It finally wore out. I replaced it with an INOV8. Seemed like it would be a high quality unit with nice features green apple cleaning md. Turns out the stove is very well made, but the burner, not so much. Fought with it daily for 2 seasons. It was constantly shutting down and needed a restart. Cold in the shop every morning. Sent the burner back, they said nothing was wrong. They said it was an air issue. I added a draft inducer and made air band and pressure adjustments galore, with no help. I finally gave up on it. The company wouldn’t do anything. I got a sales call from your company and ended up buying a burner and pump to install in my very lightly used stove. On the downside, it took twice as long to get as I was told and each time I called I got an excuse or a call back promise and none of those calls ever happened. I was feeling I would not get what I paid for, so I filed a dispute with my credit card. I did eventually get the burner and you go paid. Once I got burner installed, wired and plumbed. It has worked without a flaw. It burns perfect with no spitting and no smoke in the shop like I had with the others. It has not shut down or needed a single restart yet. It works ans well as a gas furnace. Im very happy with it. The only drawback is the onboard compressor. I thought that would be an asset, and it would be if the noise wasn’t so awful. We just couldn’t deal with it more than a few days uptownjungle.com. I removed the compressor from the back of the motor and hooked up shop air, regulated down to 13psi with a solenoid to turn the air on and off with the oil. Now, not only does it all work perfectly, its quiet too. Thanks for a great product. It was worth the wait!

Bill White
Bill White’s C.A.R. Hospital Inc.
303 N 7th St.
DeKalb, IL. 60115