OMNI OWR-150 Portable Waste Oil Heater


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The OMNI OWR-150 portable waste oil heater is a perfect waste oil heating unit for any outdoor or well ventilated area. Outdoor construction site clean up, concrete curing and even stay warm on the side line.  Call for more details.

Product Description

Thanks to the power of the OMNI OWR-150 portable waste oil heater, you can bring the power of radiant heat to wherever you need it most. Bring the power of 150,000 BTU/Hr to your outdoor work site or any well-ventilated area. And best of all, it’s all powered by free waste oil!

These powerful radiant heaters can start up and shut down in as little as five minutes, bringing you heat right when you need it! Just plug it into a power source and fire it up. Thanks to our radiant heat technology, the heat penetrates every surface evenly, just like heat from the sun.

The OMNI OWR-150 uses a siphoning nozzle with a 9-5 variable flow rate. It’s fueled by waste oil as well as diesel or kerosene, and features a Photocell flame monitor and vibration sensor. Find more information on our Portable Waste Oil Heaters here.

Additional information

Weight 225 lbs
Dimensions 52 x 30 x 36 in

Tank Capacity

Power Source

Control System, Pre-Purge

Control System, Post-Purge

Burner GPH

Voltage Requirements