* Annual Burner Repair Kit: $500+
* Optional On-Board Air Compressor (If Offered): $400-$600+
* Supplying Shop Air Is An Additional Electrical Demand and Extra Costs: $?
* Optional Oil Flow Control Supply Pump (If Offered): $500+
* Additional Costs For Ductable Units: $400 - $800+
* Maximum Burn 50 Weight
* Optional Longer Life Stainless Steel Construction (If Offered): $500+
* Annual or MORE Pre-heater Carbon Flush Services Costs and Time Spent: $?
* More Service Technician Costs Such As Parts, Travel and Time: $?
* Annual Service Agreements: $?

Omni Beats The Competition

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EconoHeat Inc. is the industry leader of the most efficient waste oil furnace and used oil equipment in the world since 1983. As a result of our pursuit for waste oil perfection, we have successfully engineered the most diverse and advanced waste oil burner in existence. Our waste oil heaters, waste oil boilers, waste oil chillers and additional waste oil equipment are the easiest to maintain and clean resulting in a longer life span.

Early Econo Heat waste oil fired heaters utilized our patented hydraulic or (high pressure) atomization burners matched with cabinets purchased from Reznor of Mercer, PA. We experienced fair success. Although it required higher preheated oil temperatures resulting in carbonizing and ultimately plugging of the nozzle. Our R & D department felt the system required cleaning too frequently! So, it began designing a system that would allow for a reduction of the oil temperature, which would reduce carbon build up and extend cleaning intervals. With what had been learned from this system, specifically its need to have an exact oil preheat temperature, for adequate atomization of oil spray. Incorporating that heat control technology, and adding air at the nozzle to aid the oil flow spray (atomization), we were able to reduce the oils preheat temperature and the oil pressure.

The result was the only waste oil fired air induced low oil pressure burner in this relatively new industry, that would not carbon the passageways of the oil preheater block. Instead of increasing the cleaning intervals, we went a step further and eliminated it entirely. Read more...


* 1986 – First UL listed waste oil fired furnace setting an industry standard.
* 1989 – First waste oil burner complete system patent.
* 1990 – First & only patented non-carboning pre-heater block design.
* 1992 – First UL Listed waste oil fired boilers.
* 1993 – First patented oil flow control supply pump, adjustable for any application.
* 1996 - First & Only Portable Radiant waste oil heater.
* 1998 – First & only patented waste oil fired air conditioner. Still the only one in existence.
* 2003 – First & only Bi-Directional waste oil furnace that blows hot air on both sides of the heater.
* 2010 – First & only double swing out doors for easy chamber access and maintenance.

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